Rapid Reliable Solution
of the Parametrized Partial Differential Equations
of Continuum Mechanics and Transport

Webserver Version

The CenterCrack Problem
Author: DBP Huynh

Evaluation and Visualization Module

The user should first input the parameter μ = [μ1, μ2] such that μ in [0.2, 0.8] × [0.5, 2]. The user should also input a numerical parameter that relates to the desired accuracy of the RB output prediction Npr in [1, 23], Ndu in [1, 25]: the error in our prediction decreases as N increases.

The code then displays, for the desired parameter value μ = [μ1, μ2], (i) the contour of the field and (ii) the value of the output/quantity of interest. We also provide a certificate of fidelity that rigorously bounds the error in our RB prediction for the solution field relative to the highly accurate (and hence very expensive) "truth'' Finite Element solution.

μ1 in [0.2, 0.8]:

μ2 in [0.5, 2]:

Npr in [1, 23]:

Ndu in [1, 25]:

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