Rapid Reliable Solution
of the Parametrized Partial Differential Equations
of Continuum Mechanics and Transport


The "addedmass" Problem in Hydrodynamics
Forward Problem

Authors: G Rozza & AT Patera
in collaboration with DBP Huynh & NC Nguyen


Q1 Referring to JN Newman's Marine Hydrodynamics (The MIT Press, 1977), make a comparison of the added mass data provided there with ones computed by this Worked Problem. Compute the added mass for a square body and for a lateral disk and a transverse disk. Does the fact that we are not dealing with an infinite "box" surrounding the floating body influence results? Can you make an estimation?

Q2 Study a simplified model representing an oscillator. In this case, a body with mass m is not floating but oscillating owing to a spring of stiffness k, and mu3 is the displacement due to the oscillations induced by the spring. (Hint: include the added mass in the equation representing the motion of the oscillator.)

Q3 How does the distance (mu2) between the top surface of the floating body and the free surface influence the added mass computation?

Q4 What is the added mass for thin rectangular bodies such as disks placed in lateral and/or transverse positions?
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